"A debut with true Nashville stylings...the record benefits from how tight the band are as live performers" MAVERICK MAGAZINE

“By stripping their set to three part harmonies, acoustic guitar and Memphis soul electric lead… the result is a surprising triumph” AMERICANA-UK.COM

“'d be forgiven for thinking that they have lived their entire lives over in Nashville. Their sound is pure and honest, never feeling like a band from South London trying to be a country band - They simply have it in their blood” -  MARK MATTHEWS Independent-Artists-you-NEED-to-check-out

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Press Play


Owen Davies, Mal MacWatt and Mike Espie performing at the Underbelly, Hoxton, London

Behind the Music


For a UK country music band, London’s The Glass Mountains truly represent the Spirit of Nashville. It’s not the cowboy boots, checked shirts or Fender Telecasters. It’s not the fiddle, dobro or even the sweet harmony vocals.  What makes The Glass Mountains the closest thing to Nashville are songs that exemplify the incredible range and width of country music today.  In fact, if you don’t even like country music, chances are you’ll love The Glass Mountains.

“Take a walk down Nashville’s Broadway and you’ll hear exactly what real country music is,” explains lead singer Owen Davies, a Nashville regular. “You’ll hear bluegrass, honky-tonk, R&B country, country pop, country rock, Memphis soul,  Bakersfield twang, nu-country, alt-country… it’s all amazing and it’s all country.”

Since forming in late 2016, The Glass Mountains have refused to be hemmed in by popular perceptions and definitions of country music. The band, whose name refers to the London skyline and the invisible barriers between rich and poor communities, say their songs are just as likely to feature  inner-city life as dirt roads and pickup trucks,  and if a song like “Heart”,  a favourite with live audiences, sounds more R&B than Tennessee  then that’s just fine.

Guitarist, songwriter and founding member Malcolm MacWatt said: “Whatever direction the lyric first suggests is usually where the song goes and we just let it happen. It might not be someone else’s definition of country, and it can make us hard to label, but that has never bothered us. This band is built on a solid country foundation and that will always shine through at the end of the day.”


Sum of Talented Parts

Owen Davies

Lead Singer

Owen Davies started out in Portugal being trained in a classical background but had always wanted to sing his own music . His father was a keen listener of country music and Owen started to sing country music. with his ability to sing all kinds of genres and give an authentic american country sound

Malcolm Macwatt

Guitars, Dobro, Fiddle

A self-confessed “guitar geek”, Mal moved from North-east Scotland to South-east London in 2010 to study guitar-making at London Met University. An accomplished player in many genres, including folk, rock, blues and gypsy swing, Malcolm has always had a love of country twang and his melodic acoustic rhythm is the foundation The Glass Mountains sound is built on.

Michael Espie

Electric Guitar

Spent my teen years playing in Liverpool bands...the hideaways..the crying shames...the inmates...playing gigs at the cavern and the iron door...more recently I was lead guitarist with the midnight flyers an old school rock and roll band however after listening to modern country artists I became hooked on that genre.




Maverick Magazine Review

October 14, 2018

4 star review for the "Never Been T o Nashville" EP in the October edition of Maverick - the UK's leading independent country music magazine. Some ver...

NEW: Debut EP "Never Been To Nashville" on Spotify

September 23, 2018

We've had a great response to our debut EP Never Been To Nashville so thanks to everyone who is giving it a play & a like on Spotify: 


EP Coming Soon

July 8, 2018

The band has just finished recording five tracks for their first EP to be launched in mid-August. "We're South-East London based so it was great to fi...

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